The Ocicat is like a real house leopard!

Just like the leopard, it sports a dress dotted with spots evenly distributed over the entire surface of its body and seems to have come straight out of the jungle! His large, alert ears, sharp gaze, and square muzzle also give him a wild look, but NO WILD BLOOD RUNS THROUGH HIS VEINS.


Endowed with a strong musculature, it is often more massive than the Abyssinian. Although the Ocicat has all the physical characteristics of a wild feline, it has an extremely gentle and balanced temperament.


Its short, dense coat is like a rabbit's fur: it has a fine, silky and lustrous texture and requires minimal maintenance. He sheds very little hair.


The Ocicat is HYPOALLERGENIC for most people allergic to cats. We invite you to come and visit us so that you can check it out.


For more technical information on the Ocicat standard, please visit the Cat Fanciers Association website.